These 6 websites will ensure you never miss a rock show again

Posted by on November 18, 2021


Ever kicked yourself for missing one of your favorite bands when they came to town? It can be frustrating, especially if they don’t come round often.Well, now you have no excuse with a range of websites and apps that give you all the info you need about concert dates, ticket prices and support acts to make sure that you stay fully up to date. Here are six of the best event sites that each offer something unique when it comes to gig hunting.


Songkick is probably the most popular app of this genre, boasting over 15 million global users and winning awards from the likes of Apple and Billboard. Its main advantage is a super easy-to-use interface which integrates extremely well with Spotify. You can then team up your Songkick preferences with your Spotify library to perform a comprehensive scan of events in your local area. You’ll receive notifications of new events, options to pay for tickets and new artist recommendationsOne small downside is that you can only sort shows by area and not genre, while the artist search is a little tedious if you’re not linked to Spotify. Still, as a free service, it’s difficult to beat Songkick for a sheer mountain of event info in one single app. 


Eventbrite is an all-in-one events app, so you’ll get just as many arts, theater and gastronomy events here – but it also scores well in terms of music. It arguably does better than Songkick in terms of finding small, local shows. However, you can’t track an artist, which is a little annoying if you’d like to receive an alert each time your favorite bands come to town. Like Songkick, though, it’s easy to buy events tickets through the app and its clear design is a big plus for those wanting to make a quick purchase in times of high demand. 


In the digital age, we’ve become used to an internet world of convenience where everything is done for us. Online resources search websites and provide results for our needs, whether it be booking flights or finding the best lottery sites. Bandsintown goes one step further than these by actively searching through your music library (with your permission) and compiling a calendar of shows in your area for the next few months. It doesn’t discriminate in terms of size, either: smaller acts are just as likely to feature as stadium headliners. You can then sort these by genre, or add artists that the app may have missed, to get a fully tailored list. 


If you like catchy website names, then StubHub is a nice, easy one to remember. It really is a hub of activity, too, acting as a marketplace for ticket sales for concerts and other live events. If you can’t go to a show, then StubHub is the place to sell your ticket – and you’ll be backed by the app for every transaction with it offering protection to both the buyer and seller. For buying tickets from official sources, customers can also check out a 360-degree view of the venue, so that they know exactly what they’re buying. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the StubHub app is available in that many countries outside the US, but it still offers a decent website which gives you the same functionalities only without the convenience of an app.


Like Eventbrite, SeatGeek lets you trade tickets on its app but with an added extra: a color-coded system which rates each ticket on how good a deal it is. It backs this up with interactive seating charts and photos of the seat view, meaning the app really does live up to its geeky title. Like with other apps, you can tailor your search so that only events you’re interested in pop up – and each transaction is 100% protected by SeatGeek, giving you that valuable piece of mind. However, like StubHub, you may have to settle on a webpage rather than an app, depending on your location.

All Events In City

Last, but certainly not least, is All Events In City – otherwise known as Allevents.in – a huge database containing millions of events. You’ll need to personalize your listings, of course, which you can do by filling in a list of filters. Once done, you can RSVP the events you’re going to and see which ones your friends are attending, too. Your selections can be integrated with your Google Calendar so that you’re always up to date, because, let’s be honest, you don’t want to waste time trawling through the vast array of listings time and time again!



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