The Most Bizarre Metal Band Merchandise Ever

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The chances are that the vast majority of metal fans have picked up at least some form of merchandise attached to their favorite band(s), from hoodies and T-shirts to posters and limited edition vinyl records. However, some bands are certainly renowned for going that extra mile with their merchandise efforts, and whether it’s their idea or the brainwave of a record company executive, you can get your hands on some pretty downright bizarre items bearing the branding of the most popular rockers on the planet. In homage, here’s a look at some of the most unusual band merchandise around.

Christmas Jumpers

It’s hard to imagine a metal band truly embracing the spirit of cringy Christmas jumpers, but that’s exactly what Slayer have done and on more than one occasion, for that matter. The knitted jumpers feature the band’s classic pentagram logo and, incredibly, the initial run of the jumper completely sold out, confirming that even moshers can get down with the festive spirit. Slayer have also released baubles and stockings to help usher in Christmas in even the staunchest of metal-listening households, meanwhile, the likes of Iron Maiden and Motorhead have also followed suit with their own Christmas knitwear.

Slot Games

While the likes of blackjack and roulette online have thus far escaped the metal makeover up to this point, other casino games have been created to honor the most loved rock icons. At the top of the list is a slot game dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne, with the Prince of Darkness licensing a number of songs to be used on the soundtrack. The action is very much like any other slot game – you spin the reels and attempt to land a winning combination of symbols, but this title featuring the bat-biting godfather of metal takes things to a whole new level. Other bands – including Motorhead and Guns ‘n Roses – have also been immortalized by slot game developer NetEnt, too. With the boom of online casino gaming in recent years, it’s highly probable that we could perhaps see the influence of metal royalty in other arenas, should developers begin to adapt themed iterations of their blackjack and roulette options.

Kiss Kasket (Coffin)

They say in life that you ‘can’t take it with you’ when the inevitable end comes, but actually with this unique slice of metal merch, a Kiss-branded coffin, you kind of can. The band’s logo, plus imagery of Gene Simmons and co, take pride of place on the casket, which is the must-have essential for any metal fan who wants to ‘go out’ in style. “This is the ultimate Kiss collectible,” Simmons has said. “I love living, but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good.” Perhaps a little extreme, as a show of dedication to the prolific rock gods, but each to their own. If it’s on the market, there’s clearly demand!


Alice Cooper was known as much for his heavy makeup as his heavy metal: the School’s Out singer embraced his look wholeheartedly, and so much so he attempted to cash in with his own range of eyeliner and makeup products. Now considered something of a style icon, Cooper was always ahead of the game.

Light Switches

There aren’t many metal fans that won’t have barked the ‘exit light, enter night’ refrain from Metallica’s Enter Sandman at one point or another. Therefore the band, led by the commercially savvy Lars Ulrich, decided to cash in with their own branded light switches. Featuring the Metallica logo and in the trademark jet black color scheme, the band’s fans can get some light into their lives in glorious fashion. You could purchase a light switch cover to show your fondness for James Hetfield and co, or alternatively, you could name your child Metallica – as one metal-obsessed mother did in New Zealand. There are options galore.


So, if you’re a metal lover, head to eBay (other auction sites are available) to see if you can spot a bargain.




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