The 4 Best Heavy Metal Songs about Gambling

Posted by on September 10, 2021


There are many artists through the years who’ve sung about gambling. Gambling is popular both in music and in real life. If one loves to gamble, there’s plenty of great gambling-songs to listen to while you bet. Here’s five of our favorite heavy metal songs about gambling.

Metal songs are inspired by all parts of life, especially the darker or wilder ways of living. Among these topics are pain, drugs, and gambling. A lot of artists like to sing about gambling because it’s an activity with risk and excitement. It is not just in the arts that people like to gamble. A rising number of people like to gamble as a way to add some excitement to their lives. The perfect time to listen to gambling-songs is while you’re gambling, so here’s a list of the five best gambling songs. If you’re also looking for a great place to play at casinos or do online sports betting, you can find plenty of good and trustworthy betting sites at BetNJ.com

Ace of Spades

Motorhead has probably made the best gambling-song ever. Their Ace of Spades is an iconic song that is perfect to listen to when gambling. The song is about the gambler who loves the risk of gambling and continues to seek the rush of the risk. Over the years Ace of Spades has become an absolute classic. There have also been many covers and re-workings of this song, many of which you can also put on your gambling-playlist. 

Train of Consequences

Megadeth’s Train of Consequences is not necessarily the best song to listen to while gambling. The song puts into word the societal consequences of a gambling culture. It’s a critical song that makes you think about choices in your life and the risk you’re willing to take. But it is a great song, and maybe it is also a good thing to get some perspective on one’s gambling habits

The Angel and the Gambler

Iron Maiden is without a doubt one of the most successful heavy metal bands ever. One of their best songs is actually about gambling. The Angel and The Gambler is about a person with a serious gambling issue and his struggles in dealing with his addiction.

Poker Face

You’re probably familiar with the other three songs, so just to spice it up, we’ve included a song that is less famous. It’s a heavy metal song by the Finish band Steve N’ Seagulls. Of course, this is a cover of the famous song by Lady Gaga. While Gaga’s song is not actually about gambling, Steve N’ Seagulls changed it so it revolves around gambling. This is actually a great heavy metal song that should definitely make it to the playlist. If you’re looking for additional songs for your playlist, you should stay updated on the latest news of the heavy scene.




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