Ozzy Osbourne Hopes to Restart World Tour Following Album Release

Posted by on February 7, 2020


Ozzy Osbourne Hopes to Restart World Tour Following Album Release


Given he has built his career on a defiant rock-and-roll spirit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ozzy Osbourne is hoping to begin the decade with both a new album and a new tour. Osbourne’s Parkinson’s diagnosis sparked sadness throughout the world, as well as creating the not unreasonable idea that he may have to step back from his music commitments. However, nothing should be taken for granted when it comes to the Prince of Darkness.

Osbourne suffered from a fall last year while recovering from pneumonia, with the Parkinson’s diagnosis following soon after. His world tour, No More Tours II, was inevitably cancelled, but Osbourne has stated his desire to pick up right where he left off. The singer responded to the diagnosis in the most Osbourne fashion imaginable, by writing a new album and making plans for another world tour.


Ordinary Man

Despite his album’s name, Ozzy is proving once again that he is no ordinary man. The album Ordinary Man is set for release on February 21, while Osbourne is keen to hit the road again for his world tour at the end of May. Osbourne has warned fans that this is not a sure thing, given the combination of the Parkinson’s and the neck surgery required after his fall last year. The singer is undergoing physical therapy five times a week, with Ultimate Classic Rock reporting Osbourne’s assertion that he is doing the best he can to make it back on tour.

With Osbourne already making remarkable progress back from his health concerns last year, you wouldn’t bet against the former Black Sabbath man making it back on to the stage where he is such a charismatic and beguiling presence. Of course, Osbourne is not one of the more conventional heavy metal singers, given how he has so seamlessly translated into the world of television and wider celebrity culture.


2020: A Big Year for Ozzy

2020 promises to be a massive year for Osbourne and not just because of his album and potential tour. Osbourne has always thrived on a variety of platforms. The 2002 MTV hit reality television show The Osbournes showed audiences a new side to the Prince of Darkness, while British viewers may remember his appearances in adverts for the spreadable brand I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!


They are quite extreme examples from Osbourne’s television career, but they reflect the versatility of the man. That versatility continues to be evident in 2020, with Osbourne popping up in a variety of unlikely places. Always about more than just the music, Osbourne’s likeness will continue to appear in the Ozzy Osbourne slot, which pays homage to his rock-and-roll spirit. Looking through the slot collection at Betway Casino gives you an idea of the more typical fare in themed slot games; Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, and Narcos reflect a tendency to focus on adventure and fantasy. However, with the inclusion of this particular title, there’s a suggestion that players can’t resist the allure of the Osbourne name. The slot features rocking images and a heavy metal soundtrack lifted from his career. It was released towards the end of 2019, so many players will stumble across the slot for the first time in 2020.

Osbourne has transcended the sphere of music once more, having already made his voice heard on important subjects in 2020. He responded to the threat of Parkinson’s in a typical forthright manner in an interview with the music publication Kerrang, declaring that ‘I worried more about [death] when I was younger than I do now’. He also continues to voice his thoughts on important ethical issues, having recently spoken out on behalf of PETA regarding the issue of declawing cats. Meanwhile, Osbourne may be most associated with the medium of television rather than cinema, but the Prince of Darkness will be arriving on the big screen in 2020; he is the focus of a film set for release at this year’s South by Southwest festival. Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne will first hit screens in March, with this celebration of Osbourne’s life featuring a slew of celebrity contributors.​​​​​​​

To come full circle, Osbourne’s celebrity lifestyle continues to make its mark on reality television almost two decades after The Osbournes was first launched. Osbourne was recently mentioned on the singing series The Masked Singer as part of the clue to unmask one mysterious vocalist on the ITV show. The singer dressed as a unicorn revealed a series of clues to his identity, including one striking hint reported by Metro: “Ozzy Osbourne once saw me in nothing but my birthday suit”. Ozzy’s daughter Kelly was a guest judge for this episode and deduced that this would make the unicorn Jake Shears, the singer from the pop group Scissor Sisters. That is because Shears once sang naked at Elton John’s stag do, a party that Osbourne attended. The online slot, the biographical film, the celebrity stories: they all show an incredible demand for Osbourne the person.


Back to the Music

Of course, the world is also excited for the return of Osbourne the musician. The Prince of Darkness has utilised some of his famous friends for this new album – his fellow partier Elton John lent his vocal talents to the title track from Ordinary Man, while Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist Slash also features.

This is the Prince of Darkness’ first solo album for almost ten years. 2010’s Scream received critical acclaim, including a 7.7/10 rating in a review from IGN. Early indications suggest that Ordinary Man should attract similar praise, while fans will be hopeful that a world tour follows. Even if it doesn’t, the arrival of new Ozzy Osbourne music in 2020 is more than enough reason to be excited.



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