Online Casino Licenses And Why You Should Pay Attention To Them

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The importance of a casino license is as vital as the full operation of the casino itself. The duty of a license is to ensure the full functionality of security and safety. To make sure that all laws and jurisdictions are being followed. Almost all casinos around the world must carry a license with them, even for demo slot games. The world of online gambling has grown more and more. The very foundation of gambling has had to go under constant changes just to make it safe. Online casinos need a license, and these are the reasons why you should pay attention.

How to Find the License

Since all online casinos carry them, you will be guaranteed to find the name of the license within the casino itself. If a casino does not have a license, that means that all of the gambling operations that occur there are illegal. This means they can easily get caught by the law, and those who run will be prosecuted. On the other hand, if the casino is legitimate, you will always see the license provider’s name in full detail. Sometimes you may even find it stashed away in other sections of the website, like the About Us section. 

The brand name or logo will be the first thing you see at the bottom of the casino site. For example, MGA has its signature letters shown with a red tick. The UK Gambling Commission will simply have the title stated directly underneath. Some sites have the full license number and registration right at the bottom in a layer of text for further details on the license. The license number will show you that they are official, and you can look this up on the license’s website. It can also show you a date, so you will know when the license was issued. 

Popular Licenses to Find

Many different licenses represent different parts of the world. Some of them can only have representation within one country alone. The reason for this is that all countries will have their own unique way of handling gambling. This is why they set up their regulatory bodies so that they know what the country represents. Some licenses can handle multiple countries, as they all have the same rules and approach to gambling. Here are the most common ones you will recognise:

  • The Malta Gaming Authority – Also known as the MGA, covers many European areas and in the U.S. They have been the license for the popular brands you will know, including the names of software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt. 
  • The UK Gambling Commission – As stated in the name, this place looks after the UK mainly. The top priority they have is to make sure that all laws are being followed as issued by the UK parliament. 
  • The Curacao Gaming Authority – Curacao is like the MGA, where they can also cover multiple areas simultaneously. Places in both Europe, the UK, the USA, and Belize. Licenses like Curacao and the MGS can help players from all over the world access the same site. 
  • The Australia Gambling License – Like the UK, Australia has its own specific gambling rules. This is why, they too, have their own governing body that makes sure to uphold these laws they have agreed on. 
  • The Kahnawake Gaming Commission – While not as well-known, this license operates like Curacao and the MGA. They specialise in looking after multiple online casinos from around the world. This is primarily in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. They also have offices in Montreal, New Jersey, London, Paris, Dublin, Singapore, and more. 

Learning About the Law

As stated earlier, the main reason why gambling licenses are important is that they are the gatekeepers of the law. As gambling has switched over the modern age, it has become harder to determine what can be considered safe. Many illegal sites can turn up at any moment, scamming players out of their money under the guise of entertainment. Online gambling has changed the law a lot; now, they need to prevent cyber crimes and look towards online safety. Thanks to a gambling license, you can see these criteria for yourself so that you understand what laws must be followed before an online casino should operate. 

The main criteria are as follows:

  1. Creating an online environment with safer gambling. 
  2. Make sure all forms of gaming are fair for all players. 
  3. Prevent any gambling committed by those under age. 

An online casino must prove that they can follow all three; otherwise, they are not permitted to run. You can see why the third one can certainly be different between licenses. The legal gambling age is shown to be different in some countries, which is why they need a specific license for where they choose to operate. As for the other two, so long as you have Encryption software to protect transactions and have been approved by an auditor on your games being equal, the casino is operable. 

License Criteria

The gambling license will state-specific circumstances that only apply to each country so that you are aware that t a certain service is not accessible to you by order of the law. For example, the UK Gambling Commission prevents some free demos from being accessible to play. A gambling license in the UK will also only be valid for three years. After that, they must apply for an updated one to continue operating. The Gibraltar gaming license is said to be the hardest to obtain. This is because they only offer a license to casinos that have gained a positive reputation and have proof that they have been in the business of gaming for many years. 

Each gambling license can either come with its own website, or a subsidiary of the government website can view it. There is where you can find exactly what needs to be followed and what you can ask customer service if you feel something is not being followed. If you are a business owner yourself and would like to operate your own online casino, you can also apply for one from these websites. 

Learning is Important

Whenever you feel like the law is being broken or you see something strange, it is always encouraged to contact an authority figure. The same can be said about online gambling. Learning about the gambling laws can let you know what to look out for if something isn’t right. In addition, gambling licenses can give you the right contacts where you can file a report if you notice any activity in illegal gambling. 



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