Metal Songs: 4 Best Popular Metal Songs and their Features

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Metal songs are a category of music that came into existence in the 1970s. The music is defined by bands that create thick sounds characterized by extensive solo guitars, distortion, and loudness. Blue and acid rock form the base of heavy metal music, but this genre has had an incredible revolution with time. Artists like Motorhead and Van Haven have established changes in terms of speed. 

Metal music is popular in wild party moods, but software developers currently use it as video game themes.  Heavy metal music themes give the players in online slots games a real-life event adventure making it more entertaining. Games like the Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motorhead are examples of metal-themed slot games. In our article, we have outlined the features of metal music. There is also a list of 4 best metal songs for you to try out.

Features of Metal Music

Typically, heavy metal music is characterized by massive guitar distortions, intense bass and drum sounds, emphatic sounds, and aggressive vocals. Any metal band includes a drummer, a guitarist to set the rhythm, and a bassist. Additionally, there are singers and a lead guitarist. The guitar is a powerful instrument in metal music that gives its listeners a balance of classic and thrash metal. The guitarists and soloist singers bring the metal tension. The bassist is the central point in heavy metal music, giving it the defining low-end sound. Further, the loudness is built by the drums. In heavy metal, drumming requires specific coordination, mostly the cymbal choke is common.  Drummer forces on speed, precision, and coordination.

Top 4 popular metal music reviews

Metal music is stereotyped for people who love violence. This is just an assumption by people who never take time to understand this music. Heavy metal is fun, and these hard beats raise the listeners’ spirit without provoking any violence. Here is a list of some metal songs you can add to your playlist favorites.

  • Slipknot – “Pulse of the Maggots”

The pulse is a band metal song done by slipknot calling out for their fan listeners. The music passes a message to those people in society who are fighting for self-reliance. The people who are not ready to be ordered around and their freedom of expression bought quickly. The song encourages its listeners, gives them some sense of worth and belonging since society sees them as abnormal for living by their standards.

  • Dio – “Holy Diver”

The artist James Ronnie Dio proclaims himself to be a self-taught metal singer. The song was produced in 1983 as a single in Dio’s album. The song’s lyrics are based on Bible myths that use a Christ-like figure. Holy Diver describes a Christ-figure who offered himself a sacrificial lamb to save the humanity on their planet. His world’s people got jealous and selfish when the “holy diver” planned to leave for another planet to go and redeem those people. Analyzing the music lyrics depicts the wickedness of the people we associate with daily.

  • Metallica – “One”

One is a hit song done by the Metallica band. The single gives a metal thrash feel with excellent coordination in its segments from the opening, stanzas, and chorus. The song lyrics describe an incidence of a significantly injured soldier in world war I. He lost sight, amputated his hand and legs, and was lying in the hospital bed. He was trying to establish a communication method with the healthcare workers attending him. The band performed “One” during the 31st Grammy annual award, which rose the audience’s spirits massively. One is won the band a Grammy award for the best metal song of the year.

  • Judas Priest – “Painkiller”

Released in 1990, the painkiller is one of Judas priest’s best metal songs before their band was dissolved. The song is in E minor notes. Painkiller metal describes a character who was acting as a typical painkiller. The character is a superhero who comes to save people from destruction, similar to how painkillers relieve our bodies from pain.


Stereotyping has caused many misconceptions about the people in society. Metal music carries a heavy meaningful message looking at some of the examples we reviewed above. You can’t tell the goodness of this music until you get to take time and listen to its message.



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