Metal Music Trends to Look Out for in the Next Year

Posted by on October 25, 2021



There are some exciting metal music trends to look out for in the coming year and this article will provide you with this insight to be able to prepare for and follow these developments. From black metal to death metal, there are always a few new intriguing acts to look out for. Metal music is a strange genre in that, unlike a lot of other music genres out there, the changes are subtle and sometimes totally unrecognized. The metal we all like has had the same or similar sounds for a long while, and for those who love the genre it is an interesting discussion and debate to see how much the genre has changed—if at all. There are indeed certain fads and trends, which are detailed below, and will be interesting to see if you can notice these in the metal music that you listen to.

Music is still a proven way to relax 

Metal music may be seen or heard by many as having incredibly high tempos and brash lyrics. But for the aficionados out there, metal is just as relaxing as listening to a ballad. The process of relaxing and calming the body requires listening to music that you enjoy and can relate to. Listening to music is a fantastic way to relax, and metal music is no different. 

Music in the games we play 

There is a growing trend for the metal music that we are so familiar with to be incorporated into the games that we play online—either as an introduction to the game or as the soundtrack to the game. Online gaming, such as JackpotCity online casino, are fitting examples of where music of all genres (including metal) is now being used in slots, bingo, and more.

There is more punk influence

There is a growing punk influence in hard rock and metal than ever before. The speed and anger of modern punk has been incorporated in rock music since the days of Exodus, Metallica, and Slayer, but this is now an ever-increasing upward trend and is providing us with a new take on some very old rhythms.

Less satanic panic

There was definitely a moment in metal when the prominent idea was of the genre being dominated by bands that only highlighted moral degeneration and the end of Christian society as we knew it. The trend is now for people, musicians, and producers to realize that theater is a large part of the genre, and just as bands of the past have admitted to performing for an audience, this will continue into the future. The trend is for these theatrics to continue, but not in the same vein as metal and rock historically did. The world of music is in constant flux as consumer needs and trends change. Listeners and groupies get older and their taste changes. The trends mentioned in this article are those that are currently making inroads into the world of heavy metal. It is thus an interesting time, and it will be exciting to listen out for these changes from the bands that we love.


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