Metal music and online slots: a perfect partnership

Posted by on April 1, 2021

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Music enjoys an incredibly tight relationship with gaming. Walk into a bingo hall and music can act as a mood setter. Play on a slot and the music can serve to indicate some of the action that’s going on in the game, such as a loss, a win or the start of a bonus game. Meanwhile, music on video games is just plain enjoyable, engaging the player while they immerse themselves in the action, and to be fair, that’s true of a lot of music in gaming: music creates engagement. 

This post looks at the use of hard rock in slots, discussing songs that would work well in slot games, before looking at slots that have based themselves on metal bands.

Songs with slot potential

Rock music is a large component in online slots, with guitars thrashing away and drums hammering out the beats in the background while the gamer enjoys the thrills and spills of the game itself. 

The music injects extra excitement into the game and, generally, adds to the player’s engagement with the game. Can you imagine playing a slot in stony silence? Boring central. 

Below are a few tunes that work combine well with online slots:

Sweet Child O’ Mine

The Guns ‘N’ Roses lead axeman, Slash, may have hated “Sweet Child O’ Mine” initially— he considered it just a soppy love song— but this smash works wonders on online slots. The song was born out of a mere guitar warm-up he was performing on this guitar, but the melody caught the attention of vocalist Axl Rose, and then other members started filling in the song, gradually transforming the melody into a full-blown rock classic. 

This powerful rock ballad strikes a perfect balance between being a sentimental love song and being a truly thunderous rock song. At the time, MTV was having trouble convincing audiences that Guns ‘N’ Roses weren’t just another rock band and that “Appetite for Destruction” was special. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” made audiences see things their way. 

Crazy Crazy Nights

This song is so good that even some professional darts players have used it as their walk-in music. It’s a true anthem from rockers Kiss, who became a favorite of music-loving 1970s teenagers with their glam-rock image and Alice Cooper-style theatrics. 

The inspiring lyrics preach the power of staying true to yourself and doing the thing you love — in their case, making rock music — despite the world getting in your face and everyone being against you. When the lights are flashing and the reels are spinning, it’s hard not to feel the adrenalin pumping while you’re playing with this uplifting Kiss outing in the background. 

Ace of Spades

Motörhead are metal, and the “Ace of Spades” is one of the all-time great anthems of metal. Believe it or not, late lead man Lemmy claimed to have written the classic in the back of a transit van while zipping down the motorway at 90 mph, which members of the band have said in the past he may well have done

Either way, this blistering track can’t fail to engage players while they’re playing. The tempo is fast and furious, just like playing on an online slot; the guitar playing is frenetic; and the bass drives the song forward.

Metal bands with slots

With metal offering some fine potential tracks for slots, it’s only natural that some bands in the hard rock and metal genre have ventured into the slots market with slots of their own. Here are a couple:

Guns ‘n’ Roses

The Guns ‘N’ Roses slot is one of the fan favorites and, to give you a sense of being at a gig, is set at a virtual GNR concert. 

The slot incorporates a band and rock theme with its Crowd Pleaser bonus, Appetite for Destruction wild, and Encore Free Spins. It’s a three-reeler with twenty paylines, and, of course, there’s plenty of band classics, such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine” playing in the background as the action plays out on your screen. 


The Megadeth slot, as you’d expect, is inspired by revered thrash metallers Megadeth, and you should expect to see band members Chris Broderick, Shaun Drover, and David Ellefon, plus guitars, guitar picks, and drums on the reels. The Megadeth symbol is the best standard payer, rewarding you with 500 coins for a five-symbol combination. 

The lead man, the legendary Dave Mustaine, is the wild symbol, which provides versatility and can create lots of winning options. The game also features a fantastic amount of bonuses. The bonus symbol will serve up access to the Multiple Levels Bonus Screen, where you can go on to spin the Mega Wheel and either receive a free prize or access the Hangar 18 Free Spins bonus feature or the somewhat notorious Head Crusher bonus feature.

The slot sports some excellent visuals and entertains you with clips from videos of some of the band’s biggest hits. A Megadeth soundtrack runs throughout the game, too, of course, and although non-slot fans will enjoy the slot, this is a slot for fans who like their music on the immensely heavy side.

Slots, online and offline, provide immense enjoyment for the players, and part of this is due to the engaging soundtrack. While the players are playing, they can take in some of their favorite tunes and, at the same time, potentially win some money.




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