Metal and online casinos: two related universes

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Today, online casinos find entertaining topics to base their games on. You can find a casino game based on any topic or even a real-life event. When you play mobile casino games, music is an important factor, especially for slot machines. So, chances are you can play games featuring your favourite artist or band. Most often, music-themed casino games are based on metal music. We tell you all about this new trend!

When Metal Music Comes to Online Casinos

Traditionally, everything opposes metal music and video games. These are not the same feelings, and they are not the same issues. On the other hand, in the history of the game, we could see surprising and fantastic associations like that of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails who made the game Quake a jewel of the genre in 1996. We also remember the game of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2003 which incorporates music from Slayer and Motorhead. Of course, we all remember that heavy metal fans roamed the places where arcade games were also played. In recent years, several online casino game software publishers have offered slots around the universe and metal music. It is therefore a real metallic bridge between two cultures which has been able to increase the passion for music and games tenfold. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily play on both counts and find your favourite genre!

Slot Machines Dedicated to the World of Heavy Metal

Metal music is one of the most common themes for slot machines at online casinos. Most of these games are adapted to the best apps for Android, to ensure excellent graphics and smooth gameplay. For example, Guns N’ Roses is one of the favourite slots for fans of metal music. The graphics, theme and bonuses help make it one of the best casino games of all time. The bonus features of this slot machine include a bonus wheel, multiplier and legend spins bonus. This is a very entertaining slot machine honouring Guns N’ Roses. If you are a big fan of the band, then you will enjoy this gaming experience. We can also mention Megadeath which is a slot machine based on the American heavy metal band with symbols related to the music of the band members and the characters. It contains free spins, bonus spins and a singer Dave Mustaine Wild symbol. There is also a Mega Nudge feature which gives you the chance to win additional prizes. As you play you can hear some of the band’s famous songs and there’s even an autoplay option if you want to pay more attention to the music. Finally, do you remember songs like Ace of Spades and Born to Raise Hell? If so, Motorhead is the game for you. This is a modern slot that takes place on a stage full of elements of metal and rock music. There is a Wild symbol, a Mystery feature, free spins and great bonuses for you to enjoy. Finally, a game developer has released a new HammerFall video slot. This slot invites us to fight in search of fortune and glory, all under the mysterious gaze of the group’s Gothenburg-born mascot, Hector the Paladin. To do this, the players and fans of the group of which Oscar Dronjak is the only member present since the original line-up can count on the famous Clusters of symbols. A special gauge, once filled, activates exceptional bonus features that make the gameplay of the slot machine particularly dynamic.

As you will have understood, heavy metal and the online casino are two intimately linked universes. Online game developers continue to find original themes around metal music to entertain game enthusiasts!



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