5 Unusual Places for Games You Can Play for Money

Posted by on June 25, 2020



There are many different ways to gamble nowadays and the possibilities are still endless because the list of available games seems to never end. Some games are more irregular than others but they still have great odds. What are the 5 most unusual places you can for money? Here are the available options:


Movie betting

Perhaps you love watching movies as a hobby and as the storyline progresses, there are predictions start forming in your head, especially when it’s poker and gambling movies. When the movie reaches that point, the exact scenario you predicted unfolds. 

That skill can help you earn a lot of money when betting on movies by predicting how they will end. There are many bookies that offer this service online and it is not very popular right now, but hopefully, it will get some recognition in due time.


Gambling on politics

Gambling on politics has not made it to luckynevada.com yet but there is a positive vibe of wagering on decisions concerning politics. If politics are commonplace to you, this can be a great way to monetize the information you’ve acquired about this field. 

You can bet on politics in the U.S and even on international political affairs. There is only a handful of betting sites that offer this service for now and that is why it has been listed as an unusual place to make money.


TV show wagering

There is another alternate method of betting on entertainment-related wagering sites. For example, you can bet on who gets dropped off the list at the X-Factor TV show in Denmark.

Some TV show wagers are placed on how many times Jimmy Kimmel will say in his. You can make just as good money that is at stakes at real money casino games but this is way more fun and entertaining. There is a wide range of TV shows you can wager on and some may even be your all-time favorites.


Surf betting

If you would like to diversify your gambling apparatus to more than just Online roulette casino, there is surf betting. Unlike other sports and gambling games, the odds can be calculated with more accuracy here. Apart from gathering information about the player and his recent performance, you can also use other sources of data. 

By considering tide and familiarity of the player with that size of waves can lead to more conclusive research. Also, weather plays a critical role and can be used to calculate the odds of each player. Therefore, this unusual method of gambling can be predicted with greater precision when compared with other games.


Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestling has its origins going all the way to Japan but it is seen all around the world nowadays. You can place bets on this game simply as the way boxing and MMA wagers are placed. 

It is not usual to hear betting sites, including sumo wrestling, but it is a great method to gamble. If you’re a fan of the sport, this gets much easier because you can try and determine odds better than other gamblers. The sport has six professional tournaments that you can leverage to win big money from predicting the winner.


Final thoughts

These are most unusual places you can play for money and they vary greatly depending on your preferences. If you are a movie fanatic, there is entertainment betting for yourself, whereas political analysts can wager on politics. Also, if you are into surfing or sumo wrestling, there are betting sites and tournaments to wager on and stand a chance to win a very good amount money.





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