Why Do Metal Musicians Love Playing Poker?

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A Look At Why Metal Musicians Love Poker

The appeal of poker is immense, which is why you can find enthusiasts of this card game in all walks of life. Everyone from college students to police officers to lawyers and athletes love a game of Texas Hold’em with friends from time to time. There is something special about the affection that musicians, particularly metal musicians, have for poker.

Poker and Music

Two words that would accurately describe both metal music and poker are challenging and entertaining. 

Musicians Love a Challenge

Writing, playing, and performing metal songs is an immense challenge for any musician – even the most gifted singers and songwriters of all time. The energy, intensity, passion, and realness that goes into metal music is very difficult to fake. That is why a musician must be on their game for every song of every performance. Poker is the same. A run down of the online poker glossary shows how many different terms a player has to learn and master — and that is only to compete. Winning is an entirely different matter. Anyone who plays competitive poker would tell you that it can take years to master certain concepts and strategies. Hours of playing games for practice and real money can take a toll, but poker players are nothing if not hardworking.

Poker and Music Entertain

Even though very few experiences can match the intensity and energy of playing competitive poker, watching can be a lot of fun as well. There is a reason why World Series of Poker matches are often shown on national television such as ESPN. Poker is a very entertaining game, both to play and watch. The same is definitely true of music, which is a passion, entertainment, escape, and love for billions of people around the world. Musicians are drawn to poker because it is fun, challenging, entertaining, exciting, and unpredictable. You never know what you may get from a band on a given night, and the same is definitely true for a game of poker. Metal musicians have a lot of respect for other creators and professionals, especially those whose work involves entertaining others. Poker players may participate in tournaments for personal gain and glory, but they do entertain those who watch and follow the game.

Let Out Your Aggression

Some of the best metal musicians of all time have spoken about the aggressiveness that is so intertwined with the genre. It is nearly impossible to find a metal song that does not display intense anger or passionate rage at a particular person, place, or event. Metal musicians may have different reasons for being angry. Some had rough childhoods, while others are going through personal problems that they use their music to understand and move through. Such musicians may also find that poker is an impressive outlet for their aggression.

When someone thinks of poker, aggression may not be the first word that comes to mind. There is a particular etiquette when playing poker, which is why most competitive tables are silent for the duration of the game. Poker is, however, a sport where people can let out their aggression in another way. Making aggressive bets, attempting to discover whether an opponent is bluffing, and feeling a release of energy from the body after winning a big hand are all part of playing competitive poker.

Metal musicians may appreciate such emotions a lot more than others. What they are the most passionate about in the world is so deeply linked to aggression, in metal music, which is why poker is so appealing to them as well.

Tour Buses and Poker Are a Perfect Match

An even simpler reason for metal musicians loving poker is because of how much time they spend on tour buses. Imagine being on a bus with a group of people and having nothing to do for hours at a time. Poker is the ideal game to liven up a tour bus, especially in between gigs. Musicians love the adrenaline rush that you get from a game of poker, especially when playing among friends. Putting a bit of money on the line makes the entire experience even more entertaining.

Most professionals are not usually in an environment where they can pick up a deck of cards, shuffle, and then deal them out to a group of friends who happen to be sitting in close proximity. Metal musicians do have this privilege, which is why so many of them go on to become avid poker players.

Music and Poker Are an Escape

Everyone has something in their life they are escaping. Perhaps it is an unhappy marriage, struggles with their job, inability to achieve life goals, or some other problems. Both music and poker are the perfect escape from such struggles. Rather than spending hours thinking about the problems you are facing, you could spend that time playing online poker. That is the perfect way to get your mind off real life. Music is the same way, especially metal music. Putting on a classic metal album on your headphones, closing your eyes, and escaping into another world makes your problems seem a million miles away. 

Metal musicians know this better than anyone. That feeling of escapism they get while performing or recording is hard to find elsewhere. Perhaps some of them try poker with a few bandmates one night and realize they can get that same escapism with poker.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

One of the best parts about being able to play online poker is that you can play anytime, anywhere. Metal musicians who are on the road do not have to restrict themselves to small games with bandmates. They can log into their online poker account and join a game within seconds. Such accessibility is the final reason why so many metal singers and songwriters have a love for poker.




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