Video: Van Halen Performs Secret Show In LA

Posted by on February 2, 2012


A Different Kind Of Truth will be coming out in five days (February 7) and a North American tour will kick off on February 18 in Louisville KY. So what better way for Van Halen to prep than with a surprise show? At least that was their thinking last night, as the band tore through a secret one-hour concert for press and VIPs at the Henson Studios in Hollywood.

While their show at Café Wha? in NYC last month gave press and lucky attendees a stripped down and intimate Van Halen set, it would appear that last night’s show gave press a taste of what to expect from their upcoming arena tour. Also unlike the Café Wha? show, Van Halen performed three new songs live, marking it the first time they’ve played “Tattoo” and “The Trouble With Never” live (“She’s The Woman” was done at last month’s show).

From the fan filmed footage we’ve seen so far, the back ground screens and stage set up Van Halen used looks pretty cool. Although we’re not entirely sure why they felt it was necessary to have a drumline and crap load of Vegas show girls onstage when they performed “Jump.” It’s unclear whether the stage layout (and show girls) was only for last night’s secret show or if a similar set up will be used on tour.

You can check out video of Van Halen performing “Jump” during the secret LA show above, while more clips can be seen after the jump. You can check out the LA Times for a more in depth review, while Getty Images snapped a bunch of pictures from the show.


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