Torche Robbed in Chicago

Posted by on May 17, 2010

More signs of the times where the tanking economy is concerned, Hydra Head Records is reporting that the band Torche’s van was broken into at their recent show in Chicago. Among the items reported missing: equipment, guitars, laptops, passports, and a number of personal belongings. While the loss of equipment is a huge problem for a young band, the bigger issue is the fact that this prevents Torche from continuing the Canadian leg of their tour with Coheed and Cambria.

Hydra Head had the following to say:

The band ain’t livin’ large, and although this Coheed tour is a chance to play in front of a shitload of potential new fans, its still a very hand to mouth touring commitment for them. That’s the round about way of saying that these boys could use any love right about now. And also, Ricky could clearly use a shirt.

Torche are not the first bands to be robbed, not too long ago Hull were held at gunpoint and Bury Your Dead had a similar situation in 2008. And of course Metallica claims they are out $270 after stopping for lunch while on tour in Russia. Blame it on the economy, or blame it on unemployment, but the bottom line is that no matter how big a band is it’s still weak to steal from anyone, let alone a small band. If you want to help Torche out, donations can be paypal’d to [email protected]

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