Ozzy Osbourne, Napalm Death both have trouble with bats this week

Posted by on February 11, 2015

Consider this an all metal episode of When Animals Attack, as two separate incidents of metal artists having to deal with bats occurred within the past week.

First, Ozzy Osbourne recently tried to convert a barn on the land of his five hundred million dollar he purchased a year ago in Buckinghamshire in Southeast England. Discovered living in the barn by local government were owls and several species of bats, some of them rare and under protection through environmental laws. In order for the animals to be removed, Osbourne has to purchase a $28,173.65 license in order to have the bats removed, or face a fine and six months in jail.

In other bat vs. metal news, Napalm Death’s show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA this past Saturday, February 7. Confused by the incident (seen in the video below), the band was forced to pause while they tried to figure out a way to coax the animal away from the stage. It appears unclear if the two incidents are related or purely coincidental, no statement from the animal kingdom has been made available. Though it appears that bats aren’t all that into metal, which is surprising considering how often their likeness has been used for album and stage art and merchandise – maybe they finally want to see a cut of the profits?

At any rate, for now, it may seem that the closest collaboration we may see between bats and metal for some time, may be this.


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