New & Noteworthy, December 11th – Twilight of the Dead

Posted by on December 11, 2015

We are in the last weeks of the 2015 release calendar, and you can tell that it’s that time of year when a two-song single is the highest-ranked prospect for the week. Nevertheless, in the midst of Top 10 lists and year-end recaps, it’s important to remember that bands do continue to release new music. So here are your releases to check out for today. Enjoy!


Misfits, Vampire Girl / Zombie Girl (Misfits)

Earlier this year, the Misfits lineup was shaken up when ex-Black Flag guitarist Dez Cadena left the band. There was much discussion when his eventual replacement was announced – Jerry Only’s son, Jerry Jr., who has proven onstage to be a valuable asset to the band. This single is the first recorded material to feature the father-son tandem. Also of note is that Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo has joined the band in a live capacity only.


Void of Sleep, New World Order (Aural)

Italy has kicked it up a notch in the metal category in recent years. Not normally known for their metal exports, a plethora of excellent Italian metal bands have steadily begun showing up on the international scene. Void of Sleep may be the first sludge band that I’ve encountered from Italy, but their output is solid. New World Order is the group’s second full-length.


The Moth Gatherer, The Earth is the Sky (Agonia)

The Moth Gatherer falls under many genre classifications, depending on who you talk to. Some call it post-metal, some call it experimental or progressive, and some have even taken to the term “atmospheric sludge”. The Earth is the Sky is the follow-up to their 2013 debut A Bright Celestial Light.

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