New Fear Factory compilation “Linchpin” released without band’s knowledge

Posted by on April 30, 2019

source: http://fearfactory.com/media/

On Friday (26th), Fear Factory released a compilation album titled Linchpin consisting of 25 songs from their Roadrunner days. Roadrunner was acquired by Warner Music Group back in 2010 and decided to compile this release. However, no one from the band knew about this record and found out via a fan on Twitter.



According to guitarist Dino Cazares, Warner Music Group made the compilation and also revealed that “Linchpin” is their most streamed song:

Warner Music Group made a compilation of songs from our first 4 albums titled “Linchpin” It does not have songs from anything after Hatefiles(2003).Its on Spotify and Amazon. Enjoy



Below is the tracklist for Linchpin:

01)  “Linchpin”
02) “Cars” (Gary Numan cover)
03) “Replica”
04) “Edgecrusher”
05) “Shock”
06) “Demanufacture”
07) “Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)”
08) “Self Bias Resistor”
09) “Resurrection”
10) “Scapegoat”
11) “Scumgrief”
12) “Zero Signal”
13) “Martyr”
14) “A Therapy For Pain”
15) “Crisis”
16) “Dark Bodies” (demo)
17) “Dead Man Walking”
18) “Full Metal Contact”
19) “Damaged”
20) “New Breed”
21) “Pisschrist”
22) “Soulwomb”
23) “Terminate”
24) “Body Hammer”
25) “What Will Become”

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