New Arch Enemy coming in June

Posted by on March 4, 2014

With Carcass’ huge comeback last year, a band that sprung from them, Arch Enemy, kind of fell a bit by the wayside, even though Michal Amott and Daniel Erlandsson chose not to participate with Surgical Steel in favor of AE. Now the fruit of their labor appears to be imminent. The band have finished recording their ninth album, War Eternal, and are in the mixing stages of it. They’re hoping to have the album out in June. The band’s last album, Khaos Legions, came out sounding great, and like their new one, it was produced by the band themselves. Amott spoke about the new album in a press release:

We have a clear vision of what we want Arch Enemy to sound like, and we can actually achieve it without the help of outside producers. We also have the advantage of having two talented sound engineers among our ranks in Daniel Erlandsson (drums) and Nick Cordle (guitar). We’ve been tracking at a few different studios here in Sweden, the drums at Fascination Street Studio and guitars and bass in another room. We just finished vocals in a third studio with engineer Staffan Karlsson (‘Khaos Legions’) and the mix and mastering will done by Jens Bogren at his Fascination Street mixing facility.

Musically, this album is going a few places we haven’t visited before. As our fans have come expect, our albums have all had their own vibe and War Eternal will leave its own mark. Lyrically it’s a much more personal record, and I feel the songs have more dynamics and depth than ever before. The songs are loaded with strong and vicious metal, drenched in tons of melody and emotion. All the trademarks of Arch Enemy are present, just more in your face and turned up to 11″.

Sounds good to us! They’re planning on touring the states in the Fall and Winter. With Surgical Steel being such a huge hit, the pressure will be on for Arch Enemy to deliver. Amott says the album’s title sums up their collective attitude as a band. So prepare for War in June!

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