Metal community reacts to Prince’s passing

Posted by on April 21, 2016

prince2016 keeps doing its terrible duty of claiming the lives of iconic musicians like David Bowie or Lemmy (technically 2015) and today a big one has left us, as pop icon Prince has passed at the age of 57.

We know Prince isn’t necessarily the embodiment of Satan or heavy music but no one can deny the enormous influence and impact he had in the music industry during his career. Although starting more or less as a funk/R&B artist, he’s an amazingly soulful guitarist as well. Anyone that was alive in the ’80s were aware of him, including many rock and metal musicians who got influenced by The Purple One, and many have reacted to his passing on their social media.

RIP Prince. Rock n Roll Heaven sure is putting together an amazing supergroup.

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Regardless if you were a fan of his music or not, Prince was an enormous influence and an true artists with a unique creativity that made him release a staggering 39 studio records, 13 EP’s , 104 singles and 139 music videos through his career, including many that created controversy by the mix of religion and sexual themes. Point being, the man was a legend and he deserves the respect he’s always gotten by those above and all his fans around the world and throughout history.

Check out his last performance at the Halftime Super Bowl show back in 2006 and see why Prince meant something big in the music industry. Farewell, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

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