Listen to Bruce Dickinson’s 1981 audition tape for Iron Maiden

Posted by on April 16, 2019


Iron Maiden has gone through quite a few chapters since their formation in 1975. The group started out with Paul Di’Anno behind the microphone as he left the band shortly after the release of 1981’s Killers. Despite the speculations and rumors on whether Di’Anno quit or got fired, the band were still in need for a new vocalist. Samson singer at the time, Bruce Dickinson, stepped up to the plate to audition for the role. Shortly after Dickinson landed the gig, the group unleashed the legendary album, 1982’s The Number of The Beast, and the rest is history.

While the video is six-years-old, Metal Injection pointed it out and we couldn’t resist to share Dickinson’s 1981 audition tape as we are excited to see them on their upcoming North American Tour this summer.

Listen to the tape below:

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