Life skills you gain from learning music

Posted by on October 28, 2021


Thinking about becoming a metal musician? Not only will you get to follow your dreams of playing in a metal band, but you will also gain a bunch of other benefits. Here are the life skills you gain from learning music. 


Seeing the big picture

When you try to play music, sometimes it’s easy to get hung up on the little things. You can’t always notice how each little problem or mistake is causing a ripple effect that makes the whole song sound off. When you’re playing in a band, even if you’re new to it, your bandmates will rely on you to be able to pick up on any problems that are causing the song to sound bad. Noticing these problems is what separates a good musician from someone who can play but isn’t really working together with other musicians.


Time management

When you’re the only person at your school who’s in a band, it can feel like you spend all of your time working on music. You’ll usually have to balance that with homework, college applications, and other responsibilities. It helps when you practice good time management skills, allowing enough time for everything in your busy schedule. Learning to prioritize is another life skill you can learn from studying music.



Even if you practice a lot, there will be times when it feels like you’re not improving at all. That’s when it helps to remember how much effort and time is going into your music. This can help motivate you to keep going even through tough times when practicing seems difficult or pointless.



When you’re writing songs, there’s always that one part of the song that just doesn’t feel right. It might involve changing how your bass drum is compressed or adding effects to your vocals. Learning to solve problems helps at home, school, and in other areas of life outside of music. For example, you might land a better job, become better at online games like Lucky Nugget, and even finish a Sudoku.



 When you learn an instrument, you’ll be constantly thinking of new ideas to try on your instrument. Even if you’re not the kind of person who thinks of creative ideas all of the time, learning music will help you develop that creativity more. This comes in especially useful for problem-solving since it can help give you more ideas about how to go about solving problems.



 When you’re playing in a band, you’ll be collaborating with your bandmates to put on the best show possible. You can learn more about collaborative skills when you get into music, whether it’s how to communicate your vision or helping your bandmates out when they’re having trouble with their instrument.


You’ll get to meet a lot of different people when you’re in a band, which will open up lots of opportunities that wouldn’t have been available if you just played by yourself. You never know where new friendships and connections can lead so it’s always smart to be proactive and make new friends at gigs and jam sessions.



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