How Death Metal Helps Your Teen Study

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Death metal or, commonly referred to as dark metal is the genre that has brought us what probably are the biggest controversies in the world of music. The interest in this type of music is growing, especially among the younger generations. But, in the midst of all those death metal lovers, there are people who doubt that teenagers should listen to this type of music. This has gone as far as to link metal with fascism and racism, which has been confronted over and over again. 

Despite of the many pleads from those who consider metal to be offensive, we can’t deny that this type of music has its appeal for many people, which is why it has remained popular. In fact, death metal is growing in popularity. 

For you as a parent, this brings up the need to make a big decision. Should you allow your teen to listen to such music or should you fight their music preferences?

The reality is that all teenagers, as well as all people in general, are different. Some can’t stand any type of noise when they listen to music, not to mention the hardcore death metal sounds. But, if your child can study and perform his academic work while listening to this, why would you be eager to take this away?

If you think otherwise, then you definitely should know about the benefits of listening to metal music, especially those that affect students such as your child. 

Death Music Can Help Your Teen Beat Stress

Stress is an enormous part of the life of teenagers nowadays. Their hormones are over the roof as they transition from children to adults. They have papers to write, classes to attend, not to mention study for the endless examinations at school. 

Because of stress, many teenagers nowadays turn to professionals who can help them with their academic workload. Amongst those websites, EduBirdie stands out as the service that offers assignment help services to students of all levels and for all subjects. But, while writing experts can take away some of the burden, they can hardly solve all the problems a student faces. 

That being said, your teen still needs an outlet for their stressed. And even though heavy metal has obtained somewhat of a reputation for attracting those who aren’t interested in Descartes, but in decibels; for many people – it works wonders. 

Many studies have shown that death metal and bands like Slipknot and Slayer make the music of choice for brilliant teenagers with high academic performance. This proves that the type of music the students choose not only isn’t affecting their academic performance, but it is improving it. 

To be more, a study performed by the students at the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth drew a lot of praise for the brutality in the metal genre, with over a third of the participants choosing this genre to be one of their favorite styles. 

In the past, it might have been classical music and jazz that were linked and associated with the bright and intellectual, but right now, the notion seems to be moving toward different music genres. Without any doubt, one of these is the metal music. 

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If metal music works for your child and it helps them beat the emotionally charged feelings, it will positively affect their well-being, as well as their studies. 

Death Music Can Help Your Teen Concentrate

No matter what your thoughts or preferences are, when it comes to studying, it all comes down to the students’ preferences. Have you noticed how some students can’t bear a single sound of others while they study? They tend to turn everything off and find a quiet room somewhere in the house, a place where they’re most productive. On the other hand, there are students who enjoy studying and writing in busy places with TV sounds in the background, or in a café with people talking vividly around them. 

People have different preferences when it comes to working and studying. We all have our place and time where we’re most productive, as well as the means that make us focus on the task in hand. If your teenager loves death metal and doesn’t mind the music in the background, it might be the best thing to leave it on. 

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/band-playing-on-stage-with-fire-167385/

Music has a great ability to shift our mind set. Have you wondered how your student manages to forget about everything else when this kind of music is on, and works on the paper without any distractions? What might sound like a disturbance to one is a tool that helps the others concentrate. 

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Joshua Robinson is a psychologist who works in a college located in the US. He performs advisory services that help student find their best major, as well as deal with everyday stress. According to Robinson, music and art are the best outlets to help students in their school days.



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