Gene Simmons isn’t a fan of Randy Blythe’s vocals

Posted by on August 21, 2015

gene simmons 306It’s always fun to see mainstream media take a cue from metal. Decibel‘s “Call and Response” column, in which they play seven MP3s to musicians and get their thoughts on them, is always a must-read in every issue of the magazine. Now that former Revolver editor Brandon Geist is over at Rolling Stone, he probably brought the idea up to the magazine, and they just did the same thing, this time getting KISS’ Gene Simmons to weigh in on everyone from Kendrick Lamar to The Weeknd. Instead of all new songs, they also ask about songs from the Bee Gees, Sex Pistols and Patti Smith. Simmons is actually kind of interested in Kendrick Lamar (especially because of “For Free?”s “This dick ain’t free” refrain. But when it comes to Lamb of God’s “512,” he behaves like the 65 year-old that he is:

Lamb are a solid bunch of musicians — capable and bombastic. But while I like the backing track here, I must confess this type of vocal styling — what would happen if a werewolf tried singing? — just ain’t my thing. Not that I’m claiming I can sing, mind you.

Personally, I’d be curious what this fine backing track would sound like with a decent melody and with Dave Grohl’s vocals.

Maybe they should have played him “Overlord” instead? Here’s what “512” would’ve sounded like with Dave Grohl’s vocals: not as good as it does with Randy’s.

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