Devin Townsend shares new song “Call Of The Void”

Posted by on March 26, 2020


Devin Townsend has posted Part 8 of the Quarantine Project, which happens to be a new song titled, “Call of the Void.” Devin delves into the history of the track and explains why it’s one of his favorites.

So this song is a favorite of mine. And theres a bit of a story to it as well:

I had been suggested the album ‘The Slow Light’ on Spotify by an artist I had never heard of called ‘All India Radio’, and it became one of my favorite albums I had heard in ages. I just absolutely fell in love with it, and in particular, a song called ‘Can You Hear The Sound’ which defined a whole piece of the year it came out for me.

When I left DTP, I went to Sweden to just clear my head and spend some time with friends, and during which, I learned the chords and structure to ‘Can You Hear The Sound’ and began jamming it with Morgan. It ended up being a lovely moment in time for me which I then mixed with Mattias at his house while he laid down some cool melodies.

I contacted Martin (All India Radio) on Twitter this week and asked if he would mind if I released this for the Quarantine Project and he agreed, so I made a quick video for it and I hope you like it. the term ‘Call Of The Void’ was one that I heard referring to that sensation when your driving beside a cliff and have a strange fear that at any moment you may just hurl yourself over.

Please listen to ‘The Slow Light’ by All India Radio and hear the original song I took this inspiration from. The structure is verbatim for the most part, and I thank Martin for writing such a lovely song and such a meaningful record to me. Thank you for being cool enough to let me share this tribute to his song. It was really an important piece of music in my life. Can You Hear The Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JxB6…

Some days are harder than others, I had a rough one yesterday, but we’re still holding on. Be well my friends, I wish you love and peace.


Helping Devin on this track is Morgan Agren on drums and Mattias Eklund on melody guitar. Check out “Call of the Void” below!

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