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Posted by on August 7, 2012


Only just this morning we presented you a radio rip of the first single from Devin Townsend Project’s upcoming album Epicloud, due for release on September 18. But let’s not stop there, because the single called Lucky Animals now also got a… a… music video?

To be perfectly clear, this is not the official music video, but instead it is a call to arms for all Townsend fans out there who are willing to participate in the creation of the actual music video, which will hopefully be just as funny or even funnier than Townsend’s dance moves in the three minute clip above. An official press release is yet to be made public, but in a longer video he lets his fans know that there are five rules potential video stars should obey:

1. Do anything that is fun, but don’t do anything stupid, as in don’t harm yourself or others or spend actual money

2. Only use original material

3. There will be a little contract so you can prove that it is indeed original material

4. As stated above, there is an official press release yet to come

5. If nothing else, take the title of the single seriously and don’t hurt animals

Mostly we are just glad to see Devin “in action”, but if you feel like contributing your own little song and dance, please do go ahead! You will find the longer video in which Devin explains all the details after the jump.


[via The PRP]

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