Barren Womb go to the “Drive-Thru Liquor Store” with their new catchy track

Posted by on January 18, 2018

Barren Womb has been busy the past year working on their upcoming album, Old Money/New Lows which drops February 16th through Spartan Records. The Norwegian band first dished out some new tasty treats with “Crooks Crooks” and have now delivered another new tune called “Drive-Thru Liquor Store”. Vocalist/drummer Timo Silvola provided some inspiring comments on the track:

“Do you ever get the feeling of being trapped? Doing the same shitty routine. Working a bullshit job and drowning your misery in the occasional weekend blowout? This song is about that. The last one we wrote for the album. Take your job and shove it!”

Old Money/New Lows will be out on February 16th, and can be preordered here. Listen below:

[via BrooklynVegan]

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