Are these the four most legendary metal bands?

Posted by on April 23, 2019

While rock music is on the decline if you believe popular culture or big festival lineups like Coachella, metal is doing just fine. There are still millions of metal fans all around the world. If you’re reading this site, you know there are hundreds of bands responsible for that, but we’ve created a list of four legendary metal bands that created a huge legacy for not just metal, but the whole entertainment industry.


This is one of the first bands that comes to people’s heads whenever they think of metal as a genre. Up to this day, Metallica has sold over 110 million copies of their albums. These numbers make this band one of the most popular in the world within its genre. First considerable success came to Metallica in 1986 when they released their third album called “Master of Puppets.” However, truly famous they became after the release of their fifth album, aka the Black Album. Since then, the band have gone on to win Grammys, AMAs, and Billboard Music Awards. Continuing to flourish today after the recent release of Hardwired… To Self Destruct and continuing to be some kind of touring monster, this legendary metal band remains as one of the most well-known and influential ones.

System of A Down

Formed back in 1992, this band is still (kind of) active up to this day. Despite being an American metal band, all its members have an Armenian background. Their debut album, System of a Down’ sold more than one million copies during the first five years of it’s release, and 2001’s Toxicity was even more popular.
Despite the huge popularity, this band gained afterward, they decided to take a break and announced a hiatus in 2006. However, in 2010 all members reunited and announced their huge comeback. Since then, they earned numerous awards and even collected a Grammy. Up to this day, the band is a huge inspiration to beginner metal musicians, their visual style inspired numerous band website maker templates and their fans are waiting for new songs


This is probably one of the most visually recognizable bands in the world. You might not be a fan of their music, but you definitely must have seen the masks and costumes, that they always wear during their performances. True fans know that all these stage accessories not only change from one album to another but also reflect each of the band member’s inner world. However, stage performances are not the only thing they are famous for. The band itself had been formed back in 1995 in Iowa and is still performing! Currently, Slipknot is in the middle of work on their 6 th album that was announced back in 2018. Over the years, Slipknot won numerous Kerrang awards and even one Grammy for the best metal
performance back in 2006.


Over the years, this band have become Germany’s national treasure. Formed in 1994 in Berlin, these guys are still touring all over the world to the enormous happiness of their numerous fans. One of the most outstanding things about this band is their performances. They always use lots of pyrotechnics which makes their shows a truly unforgettable sight. Their sales numbers are quite impressive as well, as, for 2018, they sold over 20 million of their albums’ copies. Even though they cannot yet brag about having a Grammy, their extensive fan base proves that sometimes talent does not need that kind of verification, and their forthcoming album promises to be one of the year’s biggest. 


All these bands can be considered legends in the world of metal music not only because of their fame or awards but rather due to the impact they made on thousands of younger performers. Due to these four bands, we now have countless talented musicians who followed their dreams and succeeded as well.


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