Let’s Get Real With Jeff Paulick 9/20: Time To Catch Up

Posted by on September 21, 2011

Let’s Get Real with Jeff Paulick is a column on Metal Insider featuring the thoughts and opinions from Lazarus A.D.singer/bassist Jeff Paulick. He’ll be sharing his views on everything from the music industry to life on the road (and everything in between) in this bi-weekly column.

Holy shit it’s been a while since I last blogged!! I’ve been busting my ass touring, currently with good friends of mine from Chicago called Dirge Within, killer metal so check ‘em out. Gonna touch on a couple things here, namely some new releases and some removals! Oh and Green Bay is 2-0, wtf is good.

So the new Anthrax album [Worship Music] came out. I was incredibly skeptical at first. As I like Belladonna era Thrax more, I love Bush’s voice better. It fits the new production better and makes them sound heavier. However, Belladonna excels in certain aspects and after a few spins this album grows. I’m so happy it’s more of a rock record than thrash. The songwriting is incredible. The drum mix is the most natural and crushing of the year. I’m sold, just as I was sold on Testament’s return a couple years ago. The greats continue to write great music. Standout track: “I’m Alive”.

The new Machine Head leaked, and that’s gonna be a mixed bag for fans. Personally, I think they have written 2 of their best songs on this disc. However, the rest falls short simply because they are following up what is considered their masterpiece. And as a musician and a fan, I really can’t ask for more than that. “This is the End” and “Darkness Within” are perfect songs. It really shows a departure from everything else they’ve done, yet never feels like it’s not MH. The best part of the record is Robb’s vocals. It is very evident he took vocal coaching over the break, and he to me stands out as the best vocalist in metal right now.

Now for the bad news. Metal Blade and Prosthetic have pulled their catalogs from Spotify. I still have faith, as I know why the indies are pulling. Their return isn’t what it should be and they don’t know how much is coming in from ad space. I get it. However, I still stand by my words: this does not help my band, it hurts it. I don’t sell enough records to begin with. This is taking the wind out of my sail, plain and simple, but I digress. I think within the next year, the deals will be reworked, and the indies will jump back on and everyone will be happy.

PS. Having Spotify on new music Tuesday is THE BEST THING EVER!!! I can listen to every release front to back, and I may or may not touch myself while doing so. Oh, and Spotify has been a big hit in the front lounge of the bus, as everyone becomes the ultimate DJ and the party never ends!!!

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