Charges Against Vinnie Vincent “Temporarily” Dropped In Exchange For Anger Management Therapy

Posted by on June 23, 2011

Shortly after his arrest back in May for supposedly assaulting his wife, former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent claimed he had been falsely accused by “irresponsible reporting and fabrication of events.” A month later, the Nashville Scene is reporting that the domestic-abuse charges against the guitarist, real name Vincent Cusano, have been temporarily “retired.” This turn of events happened a day prior to when he was supposed to be appearing at the Rutherford County Criminal Court.

Vincent reportedly struck a deal with the state of Nashville where the case will be retired for a year in exchange for eight hours of anger management therapy (that’s right, only eight hours). This also gives the guitarist an opportunity to “petition the Court to dismiss [the] case and expunge the pertinent records as provided by law.”

While it’s being reported that the charges are only temporarily dropped, Vinnie Vincent said “I am happy to announce that all charges alleged against me were dropped and the case dismissed. Unfortunately and very sadly I was falsely charged,” in a statement he supposedly posted via the description section accompanying a video on his YouTube channel. Whatever the case may be, we wish the Ankh Warrior good luck with all eight hours of his anger management session. If he can last two years with Gene Simmons, then he should have no problem.

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