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Posted by on April 16, 2018

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It comes as no surprise that music is one of the most popular and lucrative arts in human society and it is even less of a surprise that the genre of rock rules the charts on a regular basis. In 2017, it took 22.2% of US album consumption shares with rap/hip-hop and pop lagging behind at just over 17%. The genre’s influence has also been drawing the attention of other industries for decades to embellish movies, coffee mugs, and video games. There has been a rise in online slot games, in particular. Among the pop culture themes adopted by them to please players have been the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses, rock and metal music being a regular marketing star. But why are slot games so well liked and how does metal affect them? Here are three good reasons to begin with.

Online Casino Bonuses

The sheer number of slot game providers to choose from means that each will usually offer a deal for players to enjoy. It can be a struggle finding the most interesting, but that is nothing a caring community cannot handle. Online Casinos Canada is one of several services that offer guidance, like a Platinum Play Casino Review, breaking down and rating the games’ features, including bonuses, promotions, and rewards. Players have quality gaming to look forward to, in addition to the company of their favorite Metal band.


Free Gaming

Something even better about modern slot games is that not all have to be bought in order to enjoy. Winning has been proven possible by playing any of these cool slots games with bonuses that include 50 to 200 free spins. New and regular players are often rewarded with such opportunities, especially through featured Microgaming and NetEnt software. Canada’s booming online casino industry has been achieved through considerate and innovative strategies like these. And incorporating Kiss or Megadeth themed slot games is an even smarter move, drawing in a horde of the most loyal music fans, as determined by Spotify.   

Growing Technologies

The effort that goes into developing a single slot game, from brainstorming and design to programming, is evident in the end results playable on any digital device, big or small. Experiencing the Motörhead slot game, for example, not only involves 5 reels, wild symbols, and free spins, but also a rocking concert atmosphere to the sounds of “Ace of Spades”, “Born to Raise Hell”, and other hits. Regular advancements in gaming technology means that the constantly transforming fun meter hits the roof faster and easier with online casino games.

Casinos entertain people, so public approval is vital for their games, whether physical or digital, to be considered successes. Video games and good music has always been a winning combination, but mixing spectacular and sophisticated slot game technology with the epic thundering of Metal is a whole new level of genius. Metal themed slots are a love and success story that will continue to flourish until fans of both the game and the music are no more. Which is never. Obviously.


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