From rock radio to poker pro: Meet Kevin Martin

Posted by on September 12, 2017

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It was just four years ago when Alberta-born Kevin Martin was a well-respected rock radio DJ with a hugely popular evening show discussing the latest rock and metal releases. Fast forward to today and it has been a meteoric rise to stardom for Martin, who has gone from a metal maniac to chasing his dream of making millions by transforming his poker hobby into a full-time profession. During his time as a radio host, Kevin played poker recreationally, both with his friends and online. However, it wasn’t until he started reading poker books in greater depth that he acknowledged the opportunities to make consistent profits playing poker online.

Kevin set himself a target of building a bankroll of $15,000 while still working as a rock radio DJ and it didn’t take him long to work his way through the beginner limits to more established cash games and multi-table tournaments. Having honed his skills as a multimedia presenter and given the increasing popularity of streaming poker action live to users online, Kevin soon developed a growing fan base on his Twitch and YouTube channels where he still enjoys interacting with to this very day. Kevin loves the fact that poker players of all skill levels can stream their games and tournaments, which has helped to create a special poker community that has breathed new life into the world of online action.

Some of these Twitch poker streamers have become global personalities and ambassadors for poker, Kevin included. In fact, Kevin’s popularity with the online fraternity helped him get enough votes to win Big Brother Canada Season 5, taking home the first prize of $100,000, a $30,000 The Brick gift card. and a brand-new Toyota 76. Kevin cited his poker prowess for helping him to win the show, telling the Toronto Sun: “Every morning I would wake up and do nothing but strategize and study. I came here with one goal and one goal only — to make it to the end”.

Back to poker itself and Kevin’s army of followers — not to mention his many successes playing online full-time — saw him catch the eye of PokerStars who made him part of the Team PokerStars Online crew. At present, Kevin specializes in relatively modest stakes multi-table tournaments, using his live streaming as an educational tool for new poker players to get tips and advice. Ultimately, Kevin’s aim is to progress his way through the multi-table tournament ranks and share his journey with his Twitch followers along the way as well as his growing number of YouTube fans. Kevin’s story is really an inspirational story about a player who’s made it to the big time through grit and determination and is keen to help others like him achieve financial independence and enjoy poker online. However, we’re sure that Kevin’s not lost his appetite for rock and metal music. And if he’s ever grinding live at the tables wearing headphones, you can bet your bottom dollar it will something heavy.


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