Last month , our friends at MetalSucks compiled a compilation featuring the best of New York City’s current metal scene and gave it away FOR FREE. Well as promised, the MetalSucks editiors have released the second volume to their free compilation series NYC Sucks. Volume 2 features songs from another 13 of the city’s best in all sub-genres of metal, including bands like Moth Eater, Tombs, Defeatist, Goes Cube, Empyreon, and many more. And oh yeah, did we mention it’s FREE?

Go over to MetalSucks now and download NYC Sucks, Volume 2 for yourself now. But wait, still don’t have the first volume? Well that’s ok, cause guess what: NYC Sucks, Volume 1 is also still available as a free download! What could be a better deal than getting 27 songs from MetalSucks’ favorite metal acts from New York City for free?!