How the fans can ruin metal music to genuine listeners

Posted by on July 25, 2019

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There’s a big problem in the metal industry these days, if we may put it like that. Every day new kids are discovering either old, classical bands, or brand-new bands for the first time. And that’s a fantastic thing, of course, because metal will always live on. But what can put new listeners off immediately is the segregation that’s, unfortunately, a huge problem here. Everywhere you have arrogant people fighting about which band is the best, what sub-genre is the best, how to be a real fan and all that bullshit. And the most important thing here, that nobody pays attention to is – who gives a damn? You have the choice to listen to whatever the hell you want to listen. Even if it’s nu-metal that you like, that’s fine, listen to that, just don’t rub it in our faces. Same goes for sludge, black metal, doom metal, thrash metal, speed metal, anything else that you can imagine as well. Music, especially metal music, is about that freedom to be your own person and to do whatever the hell you want to do in this life. Then why the hell do you try to control it so hard?

Every day you can see new albums coming out, and they’re fresh, they’re good, they are amazing, they attract some new fans, and… Boom! You have an asshole coming in claiming that this is not ‘TRUE metal’ and that the band sold out and a bunch of other things as well, and it makes you wonder… What the hell is the point? It is the truth that the fanbase is capable of ruining everything, and it’s become like the fact that metal fans can sometimes be serious autists. If you feel the need to scream on forums or complain outside of concert arenas, then you need to cool off and stop running your mouth so much. People are here because they love the music, respect metal, and want to enjoy themselves, and then you have people coming in and ruining the whole experience. And understandably, some guys are going to get pissed about it. And for those guys that feel the need to destroy the experience of appreciating this great music to everyone, we just have to say the next thing – grow up. And stop talking shit, or close yourself in your room and explore porn games on MrPornGeek, because you’re not going to find better stuff to do anyway since your toxic persona is not welcome in the metal community.

It’s perfectly logical for people to present themselves as edgy, but that’s when you’re fifteen, young, full of hormones, full of that anger that’s slowly starting to grow inside of you, and it will forever be there. But when you grow up, you need to learn how to tone that down, because even though music is a big part in all of our lives, it isn’t everything, only because it can’t be. People calm down, they change. They still enjoy music and everything, but it’s just not the same, in the sense that you no longer have the time to act like an edgelord all over the internet. So why do you guys have the need to do the same? In conclusion, to simply put it like this again – metal is lovely. We’ve always been fans, and always will be, but in order for this genre to grow back and actually see any kind of massive success, people need to stop arguing all the time, because what metal needs now more than ever is unification. Since there are too many new genres out there today, it’s understandable that the community is going to be a little separated, yes, but this has become a genuine problem. Metal is a great thing, let’s show that to people as well, and maybe we can share this space with even more great people and enjoy the music that we grew up with and that filled our best years with joy, hardcore moshpits, and the suspense and exciting wait for the new album.  

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