This Is An…Interesting Danzig Cover

Posted by on April 8, 2011

Ever wanted to hear a female electronic cover of a Danzig song? Oh, you didn’t? Too bad…

Pitchfork is currently streaming a cover of Danzig’s “Soul On Fire” recorded by EMA (ex-Gowns singer Erika M. Anderson). Though it reportedly won’t appear on her debut solo album Past Life Martyred Saints, EMA’s rendition of the Danzig classic will appear on a 7” along with the song “Hell, Yes!” on March 16 via Souterrian Transmissions.

So we’ve listened to the cover ourselves, and…yeah… I mean, it’s not awful. But her cover doesn’t blow us away either. It’s obvious, though, that she’s a fan of Danzig (as if the picture above of her with Glenn Danzig himself isn’t enough proof). So props to her for showing her “metal roots”…I guess. But if we’re going to really give props to an indie artist covering the Elvis of evil, we’ll go with My Morning Jacket’s stellar cover of “How the Gods Kill” every time.

Judge for yourselves, though. You can listen to EMA’s version of “Soul On Fire” below, as well as live audio of the original version after that.

EMA “Soul On Fire” by HellYes



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