Ex-Into Eternity Drummer Replaces Dream Theater’s Mike Mangini At Berklee College Of Music

Posted by on May 17, 2011


Before becoming the new drummer of Dream Theater and in addition to holding the “fastest drummer” title, Mike Mangini taught at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston. But given how his new job will be seeing him constantly touring and recording, Mangini won’t have as much time to teach anymore. That’s why it’s been officially announced that Baptized In Blood/ex-Into Eternity drummer Steve Bolognese will replace Mangini (his onetime teacher) at the school.

Bolognese had the following to say about his new role at Berklee and replacing Mangini:

“As the world knows, Mike Mangini has joined Dream Theater as their new drummer.

Mike was my drum teacher for years, beginning back in 2000. He is one of the most talented, dedicated drummers in the world, and also one of the most inspirational teachers one could ask for. Unfortunately, Mike, or any of us for that matter, cannot be in two places at once. Therefore, he has recommended me to teach his classes at Berklee. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m totally honored.

Mike is obviously irreplaceable, but I’m going to do my best to share the invaluable information that Mike has taught me. It always feels great to share the knowledge with aspiring students.”

Bolognese parted ways with Into Eternity back in March under less than amicable conditions. You can check out video of the new Berklee drum teacher up top.


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